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25 09 2009

Randi Rhodes staff here to let you all know Randi’s blog has moved to the new and improved website along with homework, podcasts, daily clips of the show, and more!

Thanks for your patience and support during our transition, and make sure to check out the new site!




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29 09 2009
Margie in California

I listened to John Garamendi last Fri being interviwed by local show in Santa Barbara. He was saying something about theHealth Insurance Big 5 in Califoirnia had just turned in some required data and it turned out that in the last reporting period they were ALL turning down somehwere between 30-40% of ALL the claims being turned in by their customers !!!! Please interview him and tell me I heard it all wrong!! That is horrendous. And why were they all sooo similar?? Thta is too weird too…If there really IS competition why isn’t one company 10% and another 50% ????? Check this out I think it is a great story for you to follow up on…Rock on Girl….

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