The Good…and the Bad and Ugly

22 09 2009

It used to be that if you wanted to get away from politics, you could turn on network TV. Now politicians are all over network programs like they’re Tony Danza or Robert Urich in the 80’s. First the good: last night President Obama appeared on David Letterman’s show (source: CNN). He did well, of course. But then he already did better than John McCain did on Letterman, just by showing up. Remember? John McCain couldn’t make time to do Letterman when he was running for president. Barack Obama found the time to do it when he IS president. When asked if some of the vitriol directed at him is race-based, Obama pointed out that he was black before he was President. Good point. The Republicans seem to think that he snuck that one past us. Obama was very up front about the whole “being black” thing. And people still voted for him. But it still bugs the ones who didn’t. I’m sure when they look at President Obama talking to David Letterman, all they see is The Socialist talking to the Child Molester.

That was the good. Now the bad and the ugly, all rolled into one.

Last night was also Tom DeLay’s debut on Dancing with the Stars (source: Huffington Post). Good news—Tom DeLay’s dance partner is Cheryl Burke. If you watch the show, you know she’s the mean one. OK, she’s not really mean. She’s just tough. But hopefully she’ll be mean to Tom DeLay. For his first dance Tom danced the cha cha with Cheryl. Previously, he was best known for his tango with Jack Abramoff. On a show best known for washed up actors, it’s a little disconcerting to see a washed up politician. Tom DeLay is the first former Speaker of the House to appear on Dancing with the Stars. He’s also the first person to dance while currently under indictment for conspiracy. It’s not clear if prosecutors are going to bring charges against Tom for violating campaign laws, but if they were watching last night, they might want to consider charging him with assault and battery on the art of dance. It was pretty awful. It was almost as painful to watch Tom DeLay on the dance floor as it used to be to watch him on the floor of the House. At least he never shook his ass on the floor of the House, well, not while CSPAN cameras were on him. Really, you’d think Tom DeLay would have better moves. He’s been dancing around laws, rules, and regulations all of his life.




4 responses

25 09 2009

Just thought I would pass along a link to what annoying boy who called into your show today might have been referring to. Keep fighting the good fight.

24 09 2009
Rosemary Stephens

For the first time in the history of the show I was wishing there was a phone line to vote someone off the show. He was pathetic. I’m sorry Cheryl got him as a partner. I like her. Yeah, I hope she whips his whimpy little a****!!!

24 09 2009
nancy t.

hello! have you noticed how eric cantor is trying (to no avail) to look like john john (JFK.JR.) ? just asking…

23 09 2009

Even Al-Jazeera didn’t think much of Khadaffi. Obama’s talk dominated the top of the page on the web site. Khadaffi and the UN’s President Ban were under that story.

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