So You Think You Can Report

21 09 2009

If you spent this weekend watching the news, as opposed to the Fox “news,” then you know that President Obama did taped interviews with 5 of the Sunday morning talk shows (source: Washington Post). The good news is that he wasn’t interrupted by Joe Wilson on any of them. Or by Kanye West, for that matter. Obama did shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Spanish-language Univision. In TV terms, that’s called “doing the full Ginsburg,” after Monica Lewinsky’s lawyer William H. Ginsburg, who first accomplished the feat in 1998. Since Obama included Univision, it was actually “the full Ginsburg, y mas!” Five Sunday morning shows! The President is talking almost as much as the Republicans are lying. One of his major points was to call for a “civil” tone in the healthcare debate. That would be nice. What we’ve got now is more like a “civil war” tone.

OK, the President did five Sunday morning shows, but he skipped appearing on Fox News Sunday. I guess he didn’t feel like yelling from a debate dungeon. Obama probably knew that if he appeared on Fox News, they’d put him on with the nut who got his finger bitten off at the town hall in order to be “fair and balanced.” Either that, or one of the guys who brought guns to Obama’s speeches. Well, now Chris Wallace is upset that President Obama didn’t appear on Fox News Sunday (source: Huffington Post). What? Fox won’t even carry the President when he gives a speech! Why should he sit down to talk with Fox News? The only time they’ll let him talk is when they think they can shout him down. Wallace called the Obama White House “the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.” It takes guts for anybody from Fox to call anyone else a “crybaby.” These people broadcast Glenn Beck! The Glenn Beck show actually probably has to have a budget for crying towels. (Incidentally, Chris Wallace was interviewed on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Just like Limbaugh appearing on Hannity. Can’t these conservo-bots find anyone to interview besides themselves?) If you ask me, the people at Fox News Sunday shouldn’t be upset. If they don’t have an interview with the President to air, they can just show “So You Think You Can Dance” again.




One response

21 09 2009

I watched all the shows the man is unflappable.

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