A Plan We Can’t Afford

18 09 2009

I’ve been telling you for some time that anyone who doesn’t support healthcare reform in this country has never had to use the health care system. Today I return after two days of having that involuntarily hammered home in a personal experience that went from an ambulance to the ER to the ICU, all accompanied by a hurricane of paperwork. Everything in the medical bureaucracy is done with handwritten records on paper. I’m surprised they didn’t hand me parchment and a quill pen. “Pray thee, fill out yon forms for ye records.” To get to the ER in this country, you first have to enter the 19th century. I’ll spare you the details of the ordeal. Suffice it to say that the worst part of the entire experience is that something similar evidently happened to Glenn Beck. At least I have the good sense not to videotape myself in the hospital bed while under sedation (video: You Tube).

Yes, I was in the ICU, heavily sedated. And at some point, I swear Alberto Gonzales came into the room and tried to get me to sign something. Honestly, I was so out of it that I may well have authorized wireless wiretapping. I guess I’ll never know. I’ll say this—I was never so heavily sedated that I would have accepted Max Baucus’s reform plan. While I was out Max came out with his long-anticipated healthcare proposal (source: Washington Times).

The proposal is the result of a year of preparation and months of intense negotiations. Unfortunately, I think the negotiations part must have completely undone anything the preparation part accomplished. Among many highly questionable provisions, under the Baucus plan families would be fined $3,800 for not having health insurance. Max! We asked you to get us health insurance, not to penalize us for not having it! It’s like having your house burning down, and when the fire department shows up all they do is fine you for improperly installed smoke detectors. Really, Max, what part of “affordable health insurance” do you not get? Don’t answer—it’s obviously the “affordable” part. The amazing thing is that the Baucus plan still isn’t bad enough for the Republicans to support it. Maybe they just reject anything called a “plan” on principle. I just know we have to come up something better than what we have… take it from someone who just had it.




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23 09 2009
skye lawrence

Dear Randi,

I heard your show yesterday and I’m afraid you don’t have the entire story on the Medicare Advantage Programs. They don’t just give you drug prescriptions, which are now covered by Bush’s drug plan. They also pick up the twenty percent not covered by regular Medicare. This could amount to a great deal of money, many thousands of dollars. that will have to be paid by seniors if they lose these plans. In exchange for these extra benefits we must stay in a network and get permission from a Primary Care Physician before seeing a Specialist.

You left out that detail….something I rarely hear you do. This makes a big big difference. I’m against raiding of the Medicare Advantage Plans in order to pay for coverage for others.

22 09 2009
The U.S. Constitution

Would someone please tell me where in the U.S. Constitution it says that healthcare is a “right”?

23 09 2009

Your right it doesn’t say health care is a right,because its not. There would have been no way the Government would have been able to carry out such a large undertaking at the time of the construction of the constitution due to the lack of educated people and modes of transportation.

They could not even provide adequate food ,shelter or weapons to a large parts of the military.

24 09 2009
U.S. Constitution

Then why does the socialist politicians suggest that it is and that it is patriotic to pay higher taxes in order to support it? One does not have a right when it infringes on someone else’s rights. To the statists, rights a something that the government doles out. But read me. They are not!

21 09 2009
Bob Newhouse

The politicians as a group are showing just how “out of touch” they are with the needs of the people. The Healthcare debate has become the Healthcare debacle. President Obama has let the debate get out of control. Instead of staying focused on the needs of the people, he has allowed the debate to be about the corporations. Another corporatist shows rises to the top. Until the people get to pick the candidates, not the corporations, the world will never change.

20 09 2009
Karen Little

And, like, what does “insurance” have to do with healthcare? “Insurance” is gambling; nothing more.

The invention of insurance to cover healthcare problems has caused a great increase in costs and the development of healthcare hotels (hospitals).

Doctors and their related institutions do very little (except in an emergency) to keep people well. For the most part, people heal themselves, with healthcare professionals looking on going “hummmmmm.” Recently I broke (crushed) my wrist. My regular doctor said “yup, you broke your wrist” and charged around $185 for saying that. He referred me to a bone specialist who said “yup, you broke your wrist. Continue wearing the $20 restraining device you picked up at Walgreen’s.” He charged me $1,350 for saying that (needless to say, a conversation over his bill is pending with me).

The American public has been absolutely duped about this. In Europe, you can get most of your drugs directly from a drugstore with out MD intervention. In my case, no drugs were needed and there is not one thing that the healthcare profession can do to help me heal, so instead they billed me for a total of around $1,500. This does NOT make sense.

Several years ago in Wisconsin, I purchased catastrophe insurance. If something serious happened to me, I would have paid the first $10,000 (which worked out to way less than if I paid premiums), and the insurance company would pick up the rest. My “bet” for at that time about $50/monthly was that I wouldn’t get whomped, which is the same bet that insurance companies make. And I didn’t. Note, however, that this type of coverage is not offered in New Jersey where I now live.

The bottom line is that if we are going to have reform in our country, we need to get rid of insurance companies, allow drug stores to prescribe and do simple tests, and have the government cover surgical (which are not really “health care”), malignant disease, and wound-care services.

BTW, real healthcare comes in good oral hygene (and there is no insurance that truly reduces the cost of it), clean water, refrigeration, and good garbage/sanatation control.

20 09 2009

What happened? Instead of falling on the sidewalk and breaking your teeth,you must have tripped and sat ass first on that beer bottle you were carrying.

19 09 2009
robot randy

hi randi, love your show, if you need to be cheered up with some comedy that is inspired by your show, go to youtube.com, search robofaubio, thank you for your passion and speaking truth to power. a fan , robot randy.

19 09 2009

Same old corporate philosophy – blame the victim logic. They did with homeowners with foreclosure crisis; now it’s all about saving the insurance companies – too big to fail again!

18 09 2009

How about tort reform and then the doctors would not as you were BITCHING about on your show “covering their asses” by having you sign forms.

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